Preta Bootha Paisacha Narayana Bali Hinduism

Bali means 'oblation' 'sacrificial offering' to Gods. This Bali , generic terms, is Vegetarian. There have been practices of animal sacrifice in Hinduism earlier. One of the main causes or the rise of Buddhism is the animal sacrifice indulged in indiscriminately. Shankaracharya set this process right by quoting relevant Vedic texts and did away with this practice. Bali to Gods is generally to appease Him/Her. Bali is different from Naivedya where the food is offered to God by way of Thanksgiving and to remove the impurities in Food.

Dwajasthambam Significance Hinduism

Dwajasthamba,a,Flagpole is erected in the Hindu temple before the Sanctum and after the room immediately,Thirukkadavur. . In some temples it is situated outside the main hall where the Deity is.,Palani The Devatas are believed to follow us in the temples. The Dwajasthamba is believed to carry the power of the God in the temple. The Dwajasthamba is very Holy and all festivals are conducted only after performing Pooja for the Dwajasthamba and a flag is hoisted.

Serious Illness Ward Off Black Magic Ashu Garuda Dandakam

There is also a mention of Garuda Vidya. This is a Sadhana for realisaton. I shall be posting on this. Please see the image in the Post. That is Ashu Garuda Mantra to ard of dangerous illnesses and efffects of Black Magic.