Kashyapa Father of Vishnu Rudra Paediatrics Kashmir An Overview

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Karna Denied Food in Swarga Mahalaya Paksha

Mahalaya Paksha is called the Pitru Paksha where the ancestors are remembered and offered the Tharpana.

One of legends for the Pitru Paksha is as follows.

After Karna was slain in the Mahabharata War, he ascended to heavens, Swarga.

There he was offered god and Silver every day but never Food.

He asked Indra, the chief of Devas for the reason.

Indra informed him that though Karna had given away whatever he had to those who had asked him, he never donated Food.

And if Karna were to get food in Swarga, he has to donate Food.

Boisterous Ganesha Sun Moon Bathe Shiva Melkadambur

Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Arulmigu Amirtha kadeswarar facing east and his consort Vidhyujyothi Nayaki Amman in different sanctum. Sun rays falls on Siva Lingam on 3, 4, and 5, of Panguni Month (March and April).

Moon rays falls on Siva Lingam in the Month of Iyppasi full- moon day.