Three Gentlemen Or Three Idiots Of Dadri ?

And if you are a tinsel God, your word is the Bible, even if you have not touched the shadows of an educational institution.

You can air your views that were a part of bed room talk between a husband and wife.

I have ceased writing on these issues for quite some time as they are trivial , it seemed to me.

But the recent non sensical discussion on Intolerance in India make me write for leaving these gentlemen’s statements uncontested makes them bolder and as Goebbels dictum goes, the more audacious the lie, more likely that it will be believed.

I read article in the Tamizhaka Arasiyal , a Tamil Political bi monthly from Chennai which answers most of the issues raised by Amir Khan on intolerance in India.

Go Find Yourself Queen Film Review

How all people in the world or Bad or good either:friendship does not need Race, Language,Nationalities, Gender or Sex.

A difficult theme handled adroitly.

A slight mistake, the film would have sent a wrong message.

Even a kissing scene makes one smile in appeciation.

It shows how in the name of marriage individual aspirations are snuffed out and it takes only boldness to come out of the shell.

Relationships are subtle and none should take the others for granted.

And how parents should trust their children.

Independence, freedom of spirit need not mean a license to be licentiousness nor a call for senseless feminism.

The film is such a wholesome one , one can not single out the best performance

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