Twenty Six Brahmin Gotras Samudra Gupta Period 350 AD Alampbayana,Salankayana

Though it is a Brahmin Gotra,it might have been modified as a Kshatriya Gotra because of change in Profession. Viswamitra Gotra is a Brahmin Gotra . But when Viswamitra became a Rajarishi and gave the Gayatri Mantra to the world his Gotra became Brahmin.

Four Of The Saptha,Seven Rishis From South Of India

Of these,while, Bhrighu from Himachal Pradesh,Kutsa from near Uttar Pradesh,Vasishta from Indus valley,Atri,Kasyapa and Gautama and Angirasa are from the south of Vindhyas. It is also curious that the Bhargavas,those from Bhrighu Lineage, to which Parashurama,an Avatar of Vishnu,are sometimes treated as those from the south,with Parashurama establishing Goa and Kerala regions of today. Kasyapa is the earliest and his name means Turtle.

Angirasa Founder Pre Sumerian Civilization Akkadian Empire?

5.Akkadian’s( Forefathers of the Sumerians) Moon God was Naram Sin, Narasimha.* 6.There are repeated references in the Sumerian/Akkadian language to Meluuha. 7.Ancient Tamil Brahmi Scripts were found in Oman and Egypt. These facts establish that, The Tamils were an advanced civilisation by 2200 BC(Akkadian Empire) The Hindu Gods and Goddesses were worshiped in Sumeria, Names of Lord Rama and Bharata were found in the Kings List of Sumeria.'

Rudram Prokshana Mantra By Kutsa Indras Look Alike

Kutsa who traces his ancestry to Angirasa is mentioned in all the four Vedas, a rare honour. He authored Sukthas in The Rig Veda but refers it to hos ancestor Angirasa as a mark of respect by callimg it Kutsa Angirasa. As an aside it may be mentioned that the Great Acharayas never a