Sudoku Concept With Sadakshara Six In Palani Temple Inscription

When one researches Indian history through Indian sources like ancient Sanskrit and regional languages texts like Tamil and Temole architecture,which is a source of rich historical information,one is amazed.

I had written extensively on these findings.

On Palani Dhandayuthpani temple, I have written how a committee constituted by The Government of Tamil Nadu,which had scientists in the panel, determined that the Moolavar vigraha contains a material that could not be classified.

This was verified by Nuclear testing.

In the Adivaram of Palani temple,there is a Pillar which has a Pillar that has a engraved design of the forerunner of Sudaku Game.

It is interesting to note that Lord Dhandayudhapani is placed before this Pillar every year during Panguni Uthiram Festival.

And the total of the numbers in any direction is Six.

The Sadakshara,the number of Subrahmanya,Sa Ra Va Na Bha Va.

Archaeologists have found inscriptions on a stone pillar in a mandapam located in the foothills of Palani, which possibly indicates that a Sudoku-like game used to be played when the pillar was built. The mandapam is generally used during the Panguni uthram festival that is celebrated in April.

The inscriptions found on the pillar show a 3×3 square with markings of numbers written in Tamil. When added in any direction, the numbers total to 15, which Narayanamoorthy points out, is indicative of the temple deity’s (Murugan) number.

“According to Hindu beliefs, every god has a number and Lord Muruga’s number is 6 (1+5=6). Interestingly, during festivities, the deity is placed in front of this pillar.


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