Seven Concentric Worlds Beneath Earth Hinduism

Now let us have look at the nether worlds described in Hinduism.


They are Seven.


Seven Lower Worlds,Hinduism.Image.jpg.
Seven Lower Worlds,Hinduism.



2) Vitala-loka

3) Sutala-loka

4) Talatala-loka

5) Mahatala-loka

6) Rasatala-loka

7) Patala-loka

Above the planetary systems where humans live is the sky.

Above the sky is the orbiting sun,  the entrance point of the heavenly planetary systems.

This is the middle of the universe where begins the planets of those elevated by great austerities and penances.

The planets above these, up to Satya-loka are the residences of those advanced in spiritual knowledge.

All these planets are within the material world and under the control of Devi (Goddess Durga), and therefore called Devi-dhama.”(Hari Vamsa)

These lower planetary systems are the same size as the earth planet, begin 560,000 miles below earth.


Sunshine does not reach these planets and light comes from jewels on the hoods of serpents.


These planets are populated by persons of great power and opulence with no Dharma.


They have become thus because of severe penance ,Tamasic.


They do not Age nor are they afflicted by Disease..


These places are called he “bila-svarga”, or subterranean heavenly planets.


The residents here enjoy a better Lifestyle than the Devas.


The residents are known as Daityas, Danavas, and Nagas and are all engaged in material enjoyment with no thought of spiritual liberation.



All residents drink juices and bathe in herbal elixirs which free them from  anxiety  disease, and signs of physical aging.



Anxiety and fear consume them at the time of dissolution.


Beneath the planet Patalaloka, and slightly above the water of the Garbhodaka ocean, are the Naralokas, or the hellish planetary systems.



There is another interpretation that these Lokas are the Americas.


Read my post ‘America  Patala Loka ‘


There are 28 different hellish planets described in the Vedic literature.


Please read my Post on this.




Vishnu Puran,Garuda Puran.

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      I visit your site often and some information over there is very informative on current topics and some go over my head(!)


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