Kinds Of Nouns, Know Your English

Noun indicates the name of Person, Place or Thing.

These are the following kinds of nouns:

1. Proper Nouns

2. Common Nouns (Collective and Abstract Nouns)

3. Countable Nouns

4. Uncountable Nouns

Proper Noun is the noun of a particular Person or Pla

Ex: Einstein formulated the Theory of Relativity.

(Proper Nouns begin with a Capital letter).

Proper Nouns are sometimes called Common Nouns. e.g: Sachin Tendulkar is called the Bradman of the present cricketing era.

Common Noun is a name given in COMMON to all belonging to a class.

E.g: Rani Jhansi was a Queen.

Under Common Nouns are:

Collective Nouns and Abstract Nouns:

Collective Noun is the name of a collection of Persons or Things together and spoken of as a whole.


e.g.: ARMY – Collection of soldiers

FAMILY – Group consisting of Father, Mother and


COMMITTEE – Group of people formed for a

Specific purpose.

Abstract Noun is the name of quality, action or state which is considered separately apart from the object to which it belongs to.

State : Childhood, Brotherhood, Sleep, Riches

Action : Movement, Restlessness, Tiredness.

Quality : Kindness, Cruelty, Brightness

Countable Nouns are the names of People, Objects that we can count. E.g.: Pen, Paper, Car, Brother.

Uncountable Nouns are the names of things we cannot count. E.g: Oil, Honesty, Kindness.


1. The French army of Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo. (Collective Noun).

2. Sir Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was kindness personified. (Pronoun, abstract noun

3. Everest is the highest peak in the World. (Proper Noun).

4. Get one Kilogram of sugar. (Uncountable noun).

5. A cricket consists of Twelve Players, with one being the twelfth man. (Countable N)


1. Long – Length

2. Strong – Strength

3. Brave – Bravery

4. Novel – Novelty

5. Ignorant – Ignorance

6. Deep – Depth

7. Broad – Breadth

8. True – Truth

9. Prudent – Prudence

10. Human – Humanity


Laugh – Laughter Defend – Defence

Steal – Stealth Sane – Sanity

Believe – Belief Wise – Wisdom

Persevere – Perseverance Seize – Seizure

See – Sight Pursue – Pursuit

NOTE: There are no perfect guidelines forming abstract Nouns. This can be learned by reading, speaking and referring to Dictionary

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