Rama’s Brother In Law In 2 Million Year Old Karnataka Ramayana

There is Rishyasrunga Hill near Sringeri.

5.Rama’s sister was married to Shanta to Romapada.Romapada was the King of Anga Desa, now in Pakistan, near Mohenjo Daro. His son-in-law was Rishyasrunga, which makes Rishyasrunga Rama’s Sister’s husband!

A king named Dasharatha will be born into Ikshwaku dynasty who will be very virtuous, resplendent and truthful one to his vow.” Said Sanat Kumara, the Sage.”King Dasharatha will befriend the king of Anga and the king of Anga will beget a fortunate girl named Shanta.

Shanta is said to be the daughter of Dasharatha and given to Romapada in adoption, and Rishyasringa marries her alone. This is what Sumantra says to Dasharatha at 1-9-19.

How Western Scholars Misinterpret Hinduism Max Mueller

If one were to read Indian history, one is struck by a curious fact..

History between the period of Harshavardhana onward to Mogul Emperors is hazy , if not missing.
It becomes clear after this period.

You do not get authentic records or information about the Middle ages, when Tamil and Sanskrit literature were awash with Bhakthi literatue.

For instance one does not find reference of Adi Shankaracharya in either Sanskrit or Tamil literature during this period.

One does not find reference to Shankaracharya even among Sanskrit and even among the records of kings who were ardent promoters of Sanskrit in their chronicles, either written by them or others.

You find this only by the time of Vidyaranya when he established the Vijayanagar Empire.

The information has been so scanty that it took the 33rd Acharaya of Sringeri Sharada Mutt to locate Kalady, the birth place of Shankaracharya!

Who Discovered Kalady Shankaracharya Birth Place

Adi Shankaracharya is reported to have been born in Kalady,Kerala.

But to my knowledge there seems to be no reference of the birth place during Shankara’s Times or in his contemporary works.

Then how Kalady has been determined as the birth place of Shankaracharya?

This seems to be a controversial issue.

Date Of Shankaracharya Born In Chidambaram

This makes it difficult to date them precisely as they have lived at different points of time.

Shankaracharya’ Guru Govinda Bhagavadpada, one study claims lived during the period of Vikramaditya as there are two Vikramadityas,one of the

Maurya and another of the Chalukya dynasty.

The first one lived around 4th Century CE, while the latter in (Vikramaditya II )(733–746 CE)

2.The internal evidence of Shankaracharya’s works do not provide many a clue,exception being the one about Thirugnana Sambhandar, who, it is

agreed, is addressed by Shankaracharya as ‘Dravida Sisu’ in his Sounday

Sringeri Sharada Peetam Guru Parampara Acharayas List

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