US Attack On Syria, Capabilities Targets

Now that the US has made up its mind to attack Syria, either with or without the coat-tail hanger UK, don't worry it will come around not that ii matters much-it is PRO job for the US, have a look at the Capabilities ans The potential targets in Syria and how the US is placed. … Continue reading US Attack On Syria, Capabilities Targets

Rolling Stone Tsarnaev Photo Row More Photos

The Rolling Stone magazine's cover Photograph and the write -up that "how a popular, promising student was failed by his family, fell into radical Islam, and became a monster created a stir alleging that it glamorizes Terrorism. But the earlier photos of Tsarnaev by Rolling Stones were picked up by other magazines and Electronic media as well They also published live coverage of the manhunt. I had also published a post on this subject. There is a thin line separating glamorization of a terrorist and factual reporting. How one takes the words used in a story is left for the individual.

Read Misinformation ‘Aryan Invasion ” A Rebuttal

Seemingly reputed magazines, newspapers, web portals ,publish periodically some researched(?!) articles on the Aryan Invasion Theory. Those who advocate this Theory conveniently take their references from the Indus valley civilization, form Harappa ruins. for them only the Mohanjedaro Harappa is the bench mark. They link these with the Puranas,quotes from Pagan Legends, medieval History of Europe. One point they deliberately omit to mention is that the Puranas indicate that the civilization flowed outwards from the Indo Gangetic Plain,not the other way around. The Puranas mention, "Milechas', those who live beyond the Ocean, The Jambo Dweepa. Kaikeyi , aunt of Lord Rama hailed from Kekaiya, its capital being Kandahar. There ae references to lands beyond the Jambo dweepa in the Indian Ocean, beyond Sri Lanka, in the Puranas as well as in the ancient Tamil Literature, which is about at least 3000 years old.

Salary By PrePaid Cards Exploitation By Corpotations

People in the IT Industry talk about CTC(for the initiated in the IT Jargon , it means how big a you burn a hole in the Company's pocket). This CTC is way below your take Home pay after confusing calculations like a Mobile Bill, excepting the man who raised it , none can understand it!) Workers, even IT Professionals are workers, are being cheated , only thing is that they are unaware of it as the terms are couched in Jargons, Now the Corporations have gone a step higher. New York Times reports that Companies have resorted to issuing salary by cards to workers and they have to en-cash these cards.

Angelina Jolie Breast Removal Cancer Facts

Ms.Angelina Jolie, the actress had both her breasts removed because she was suspected to have Genes that would trigger cancer of the Breast. I am posting excerpts from Web Md ,a reliable Medical sit some information on Breast Cancer. Expert recommend removal of Breasts if there is a suspect Gene is present for the chances of being afflicted with cancer are high. As a layman all I can say is that life is unpredictable and removal of body parts on mere suspicion does not sound great. If there is 95 percent chance of getting the disease? My answer is there is 100 % chance of our dying. Do we commit suicide? Medicine is an inexact science;you do not know when these people will change their theories. I would rather take a chance.