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Surya Temple Multan,Pakistan Kasyapapura Built by Samba Krishna Son

Similarly,Ahobila mountain in Andhra is considered to be the place where the Narasimha Avatar of Vishnu took place.

Yet we find evidence that Prahlada,who was responsible for Narasimha Avatar was born in Multan,Pakistan!

And there is a reference in the Puranas that Lord Krishna’s son

Kashyapa Father of Vishnu Rudra Paediatrics Kashmir An Overview

Transcaucasia. Strabo wrote that “to the country of the Albanians belongs also the territory called Caspiane, which was named after the Caspian tribe(Kaswan, Kashyap Jat clans), as was also the sea; but the tribe has now disappeared”. Moreover, the Caspian Gate, which is the name of a region in Tehran province of Iran, is another possible piece of evidence that they migrated to the south of the se

Which Gotra Is Superior?

There seems to be some apprehension in some quarters that the origin of the rishis might reflect on the descendants present social standing.

This is not warranted if one understands that lineage is determined by disposition and Character and not birth as a matter of right.

This is probably the reason for the proverb in Tamil that states that one should not look deeply into the origin of Rishis and rivers for in both the cases the origins may not be worth to begin with.