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Avani Avittam Upakarma Dates Why Change of Dates Details.

The Yajur Upakarma is to be celebrated on 6th September 2017,as the earlier day happens to be day when Grahana,Eclipse takes place. Rig Upakarma August 28th,(Avani 12th), Sama Upakarma,August 25th( Avani 9th),

Voice Of God ,Deivathin Kural Periyava On Dowry Video

Kanchi Periyava, Maha Periyava discoursed on various subjects ranging from Vinayagar, Vedas,Vedangas, Advaita Linguistics,Literature,Guru to current and controversial topics like Dowry. These have been complied by Ra.Ganapathy in his Book 'தெய்வத்தின் குரல் ' I have posted this.(text) Now audio version with rare photos and Videos of Kanchi Periyavar have come out. In this post I am reproducing some videos where Periyava speaks on .Dowry' the evil practice of accepting money from the Bride's parents. According to Sastras, in the earlier days, the bridegrooms paid money . 'Vara Dakshinai' in Sanskrit, which originally meant 'that which is paid by the Vara(bride groom' was later misinterpreted as ' the one paid by the Girl'! Periyava explains this concept and condemns this practice with authority in his inimitable earthy style devoid of jargons. Watch.

Time To Disown Jayendra Saraswati?

Look at this Video by The Nithyananda Ashram and Jayendrars' encomiums on the Nothyananda Peetham(?) and Nithyananda's speech. ....Though I am critical of Jayendra Saraswati,I have the highest regard for Maha Periyava, as my readers know. Jayendra Saraswati, according to a news Report met with Nithyananda at Allahabad and had a discussion(!) with him. Jayendra Sarswati is yet to extricate himself from the Sanakara Raman Murder, Cell Phones ,Misappropriation of Gold cases. Not to forget his running away to Talacauvery episode. There were also reports of a controversy in Coastal Andhra which was suppressed . As I said earlier, if not being a Guru, let him stop becoming a sore thumb of Hinduism and sully the name of his Guru, Maha Priyava. He may not be affected by criticism, surrounded by chamchas and yes-men who seek a living by being near to him. It is the Brahmin Community, for the sin of having been born a Brahmin has to become the butt of ridicule in the Society, which as it is, being targeted in Tamil Nadu in particular.