Did India Get Independence in 1947? Transfer Of Power

Did India get Independence on 15th August 1947? This is not a very simple question that can be answered with a straightforward Yes or No. We  normally expect a declaration by the Occupying Power that they are granting independence to the country they have ruled. Alternately the country that had been occupied should announce that they are free, though this is not normal as it is the occupier who has to declare that the occupied country is free

US Embassy Celebrates US I- Day on 19 February.

How is it? For reasons best explained by them, the US Embassy staff in New Delhi celebrated the American Independence Day on 19 February, almost five months ahead of 4 July. The staff was served barbecue chicken and blueberry pie to the ‘beautiful sounds of American jazz’ on what they said was a beautiful day.… Continue reading US Embassy Celebrates US I- Day on 19 February.