Earliest Indians Sanatana Dharma Tamils From Same Village? Lemuria DNA Evidence-Report Nature

Nowhere in the world would you find a similar if not identical way of social behaviour among the people of this vast country,India,be it how they eat,the practices from birth to death, entertaining guests... Apparently diverse,there remains a Unity.

Lemuria Tamils Presence Australia 65000 Ago First Human Migration

The first migration of humans was from Asia, Eurasia. It took place around 65,000 years ago. The only civilisation around that area was Lemuria. The finding of Denisovan ,a species between Neanderthal and modern Man was found in Australia.

India 1.5 Million Years Old First Human Migration from Southern Coast India

I had also written on the fact that the first human migration took place from India and earliest Human DNA had been traced to Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Now I have come across evidence that suggest human habitation of India 1.5 millions years ago.

Indian Brahmin Migration To Europe 8000 Years DNA Proof

The approximate date of Rama's ancestor Manu's migration is around 7000 years ago, the same time when Shiva and His Progeny left eastwards from India. This information tallies with the analysis of genes taken from the skeletons in Europe. Three distinct groups have been identified as the probable ancestors of the Europeans. The far East, East and the Americas!

Sanatana Dharma Brahmins of Australia

The 1947 Report by the Secretary of the Australian labour party that the racial purity of the Brahmins will be preserved in Australia confirms the Brahmin presence in Australia. And the DNA evidence is provided below.