World Language Families From Indian Languages Evidence

This Venkat Ramanan guy would be laughed at any reputed  school of linguistics in the world. The headline is very misleading... All languages of India are not 5000 years old

Common Link Language Of Vedic Sanatana Dharma India

Regional literature refers to Sanatana Dharma and Ithihsas in detail, e it Tamil, Telugu,Kannda,Bangla, Oriya. Evidence abounds that a healthy trade between the people of the south and the north flourished since the Vedic period. Now the question is how did these people communicate with each other in view of the fact that India has multiple languages and dialects.

Indian Script Began in 3012 BC Beginning Of Kali Yuga

Apart from wondering about the treasure trove of Hinduism which opens the doors to Wisdom,Knowledge, Information and Spirituality, one thing has been nagging my mind. There are thirty million manuscripts 700 poetic meters in Sanskrit.