Madrasian Culture Benchmark 1.5 Million Year Attirambakkam

This site is a benchmark in Archeology as the group of sites yielding tools of this period,old stone age ,is called Madrasian Culture,so named after the capital of the state ,near which these tools were found.

Sanauli Chariot Find 4000 Years Harappan Horse

Ramayana is dated around 5114 CE,

Mahabharata has thirty nine archeological sites which proves the Mahabharatathe,

One Million old Advanced Tamil site being found near Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India,

Poompuhar, Tamil Nadu is dated about twenty thousand years ago,

Tamil sites in Arikkamedu,Adichanallur are dated about 5000 Years old,

Oldest Murugan temple in Pondicherry is dated around 4000 BC,

Dwaraka is dated Thirty thousand years old...

these Scholars go on denying the dates assigned to Sites relating to Indian history!

As if this is not enough,they bring in new theories like the Aryan Invasion theory of India.