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Eyes Glow Real Lakshnikantha Andal Hedthale Temple 16 Faced Hall

Such is the greatness of Andal,one of the twelve Azhwars,and the only woman,she evokes proximity to Godhood easily.

Though there are Sannadhis, separate sanctum for Andal in most of the Divya Kshetras,very little is known about Andal sanctum at Lakshmikanthaswamy temple at Hedthale,near Nanjangudu,near Mysuru, Karnataka,India.

Essence Of Devotion Bhakti Twelve Azhwars of Tamil Overview

Goosebumps all over,Flowing Tears from the eyes,

Overflowing Bliss makes one lose one’s mind,

Failed words, all these make one lose balance,

If these be the Divinity of Abhirami Experience,may it be the Best’

Azhwars have also explained on similar forceful lines of Divine Experience.

Will be writing on them individually.

Goddess Andal Takes Oil Bath Srivilliputhur Ennai Kaapu

I relate to God a s Human Being till I spiritually evolve to know that He is a Principle.

Till then I shall treat Him as my Father, Mother, Brother, Teacher, Lover and Friend.

The Path of Devotion called Bhakti Marga is this.

One gets engrossed in the emotion of god and gets spiritually elated.

In Tamil literature there are poems belonging to the Middle Ages, around 1200 -1400 extolling this aspect of Bhakthi, propagated by Azhwars( of Vishnu) and Nayanmaras( of Shiva)

Each temple in India is associated with the activity of God a Human Being and there are temple festivals relating to them, when these events are enacted.

Who Has The Courage Of Andal To Address Vishnu Thus

When Tamil takes postion on this?

The result is exquisite.

There are many who have treated God as a Lover, meera Bahi an example.

Andal, an Azhwar by her own right steals the show in this lover role Nayaka Nayaki Bhava.

Her yearning for Vishnu, Krishna is something ephemeral and would melt one’s heart without being erotic.