World is made of particles and there are particles sub Atomic particles which are still smaller.These particles vibrate and move.
And they produce sound.
This is basic cosmic concept in Indian Philosophy and its applications are narrated in the Puranas and the Ithihasas Ramayana and Mahabharata.
Based on this cocept the Astras were designed and they were controlled by the Vibration created by the sound of the Astra Invocation Mantras.
Please check my post on Astra invocation Mantras.

Multiverse Level II.png
Multiverse Level II

Matter and Mind, according to Indian Philosophy , differ only in degree , not in kind.
Greater the vibration the object becomes subtle and becomes invisible to our normal senses which are fine tuned to perceive the less subtle vibrations.
So lower the vibration the object becomes Matter.
Higher the vibration it becomes Mind.
This is the reason why Mind is included as sense organ like the other Human Organs.
When vibrations vary the Planes they exist differcwhay we see or hear with oir senses as they are not eqipped to perceive them.
For example one can not see the Ultraviolet , Infra-red, Ultra Sound and sounds in the lower frequencies.
Frequencies change with vibrations.
So as there are variations in Vibrations there are various planes where things Exist.
We can not perceive them as our senses are not capable of perceiving them.
Hence there are variois levels of Existence or Planes whete things and people exist althougj we may not perceive them.
And these different levels open and close every day.
They are the Portals.
One can travel from one portal to another if one has the mechanism to undertake the journey.
We find various Lokas being mentioned, 14 in all in Hinduism.
These are the Portals .
We also find that various Devathas coming down to earth from somewhere ,mostly from the Sky and disappear at Will.
This is because they travel with their Sukshma Sarrea , or the Subtle Body.
These lokas also correspond to some locations, regions on the Earth.
Please check my posts on the Lokas and also on Quantum Mechanics, Multi verses.
This is the underlying theory about the Gods visiting Earth and the meaning behind Mantra Chanting.
Looks farfetched and sounds Crazy?
Read the following finding by NASA on the existence of Portals in the Earth and how they open and close daily and have direct connection to The Sun.

‘ many possibilities.
Turning science fiction into science fact seems to happen quite often these days and NASA did it by announcing the discovery of hidden portals in Earth’s magnetic field.  NASA calls them X-points or electron diffusion regions. They are places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, which in turn creates an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun’s atmosphere which is 93 million miles away.
NASA used its THEMIS spacecraft, as well as a European Cluster probe, to examine this phenomenon. They found that these portals open and close dozens of times each day. It’s funny, because there is a lot of evidence that points toward the sun being a giant star gate for the ‘gods’ to pass back and forth from other dimensions and universes. The portals that NASA has discovered are usually located tens of thousands of kilometres from Earth and most of them are short-lived; others are giant, vast and sustained.
As far as scientists can determine, these portals aid in the transfer of tons of magnetically charged particles that flow from the Sun causing the northern and southerns lights and geomagnetic storms. They aid in the transfer of the magnetic field from the Sun to the Earth. In 2014, the U.S. space agency will launch a new mission called Magnetospheric Multi scale Mission (MMS) which will include four spacecraft that will circle the Earth to locate and then study these portals. They are located where the Earth and the Sun’s magnetic fields connect and where the unexplained portals are formed.
NASA funded the University of Iowa for this study, and they are still unclear as to what these portals are. All they have done is observed charged particles flowing through them that cause electro-magnetic phenomenon in Earth’s atmosphere.
Magnetic portals are invisible, unstable and elusive. they open and close without warming and there are no signposts to guide is in – Dr Scudder, University of Iowa…??

Mainstream science continues to grow further, but I often get confused between mainstream science, and science that is formed in the black budget world. It seems that information and discovery isn’t information and discovery without the type of ‘proof’ that the human race requires. Given that the human race requires, and has a certain criteria for ‘proof’, which has been taught to us by the academic world, information can easily be suppressed by concealing that ‘proof’. It’s no secret that the department of defence receives trillions of dollars that go unaccounted for and everything developed within the United States Air Force Space Agency remains classified. They are able to classify information for the sake of ‘national security’. Within the past few years, proof has been emerging for a number of phenomenon that would suggest a whole other scientific world that operates separately from mainstream science.
We have the technology to take ET home, anything you can imagine we already have the technology to do, but these technologies are locked up in black budget projects. It would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity – Ben Rich, Fmr CEO of LockHeed Skunk Works’

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