Choultries Free Food And Rest Rooms Of India

Many have been asking me why I have been writing about Hinduism, especially about its spread throughout the world;its scientific approach;its greatness in Religious Tolerance;its closeness to Hindu way of Life;the astounding temples and the unbelievable architecture and its Advanced concepts.

Choultry, Free Boarding and Lodging.Image.jpg
Sri Sringeri Peetha Paripalitha Vadlamannati Vari Satram, Arjun Street, Mallikarjunapeta, Vijayawada-1, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh.

The reason is,over a period of time, I shall be writing why this way of life is great, that is the enviable ,selfless service to Humanity and its Universal Human values, apart from easy, practical Spiritual Truth.

Hinduism knows how to prioritize  Human issues.

There is no point in teaching Spirituality to Empty stomachs.

  • Ahimsa (non-violence) – based on the concepts of atman and reincarnation.
  • Mind and sense control – considered essential for any form of morality.
  • Tolerance – necessary in order to deal with inconveniences in the performance of one’s dharma.
  • Hospitality – demonstrating magnanimity, and the value of service (seva).
  • Compassion – based on notions of atman, and the ability to feel for others as we feel for ourselves.
  • Protection – an essential duty is to give shelter to others, especially those less fortunate.
  • Respect – for all living beings and for the sanctity of all life.
  • Wisdom – knowledge is contrasted with ignorance, the Hindu equivalent of the “good -evil” paradigm.
  • Austerity – essential to gain wisdom in addition to mere theoretical knowledge.
  • Celibacy – important for spiritual life. Only one of the four ashrams is permitted sexual gratification.
  • Honesty – essential to build legitimate trust within relationships and to avoid self-deception.
  • Cleanliness – includes external hygiene and inner purity; essential for brahmanas.

Of these the actions one can perform for the others starts with Food and Water.

The basic need of Humans, Food and water has to be met.

The Sikshavalli of the Taittriya Upanishad, the portion that deals with the Injunction of the Teacher to the students, begins with,

Anana Nindhyaath That Vrutham,

Annam Bahukurveetha

Never insult Food,Let that Be your Vow,

For of it Beings Thrive.

The Upanishad also adds later, while describing who should be treated as God as

Matru Devo Bhava, Mother is God,

Pitry Devo Bhava, Fathr is God,

Acharya Devo Bhava, Preceptor is God and

Athithi Devo Bhava, Guest is God.

Earlier Hindus, the common Man and the Kings took this advice to heart seriously .

They fed the guests.

Not only Human Beings.

They provide water receptacles for animals, especially for Cattle.

Every village had a special Water tank for animal to drink water from.

Even to-day households, especially in the South, provide a mouthful of food in their Plates before they start eating and leave it for the dogs to eat .

Kings built Huge Free Kitchens for the People to be fed, not only for the Travelers but for the poor as well.

Temples cooked vast quantities of food , offer them as Naivedya to God and distribute among the people.

Not only this.

These places, Called Choultries , free boarding and lodging facilities for travelers were built by the Kings.

Most of them are located near the temples.

One can stay there free of cost and take food.

Next to the Kings, businessmen and traders contributed to this effort by donations and many built Choultries of their own.

Talk of Social Commitment today!

Most of these people remained anonymous!

Community based Choultries were also built by them.

Notably the Nattukottai Chettiars, a Trading Community of Tamil Nadu have built innumerable Choultries  throughout India.

North Indian Communities, Marwaris, Gujarati have also built Choultries.

This practice is not unique to Hinduism.

Jains and Buddhists have also built  them.

Such is the value based system of India of the past.

Today what is proscribed in the Smriti is being done,

Selling Food and Medicine!

These two along with Education is be offered free of Cost.

Accepting Money for these services was considered a Sin.

Some Choultries of India.


Sri Kasi Nattukottai Nagarathar Satram,
Varanasi 221 001
Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 0542 2451804
Fax: 0542 2452404

Administrative Office
Sri Kasi Nattukottai Satram Managing Society,
No.3, West Vadam Pokki Street,
(Near Nagara Sivan Koil)
Karaikudi 630 001
Phone: 04565 220501


Nattukottai Nagara Satram
149, Moridaraganj,
Allahabad 211 006
Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 0532 2501275

Nattukottai Nagara Satram
Nattukot Sri Ram Mandir,
Baboo Bazaar,
Ayodhya 224 123
Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 05278 232703

Rangoon Nagara Viduthi
88, Coral Merchant Street,
Chennai 600 001
Phone: 044 25268155

Nattukottai Nagara Chatram
No.171, Chand Chowra,
Gaya 823 001
Phone: 0631 2226480

Ezra Street
Nagarathar House
34, Ezra Street,
Kolkata – 700 001
West Bengal
Phone:033 22350052

Nattikottai Nagara Satram
Karthik Swamy Mandir,
Shani Chowk
Nasik 622 003
Phone: 0253 2620878



3 Replies to “Choultries Free Food And Rest Rooms Of India”

  1. Langars in Sikh Gurudwaras is also similar practice.Iam not aware of any such service to the society among Christians or Muslims.But I am sure they too must be practicing such traditions.In fact Serve Men, Serve God is the motto of all religions.But all religions which are a part of great Hindu conglomerate have this as an important part of their faith.


    1. True.Muslims have a Tax levied as apart of their duties.During Ramzan they are expected to feed the poor.But this has been degraded into Iftaar parties for the Richand Powerful


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