Religious Conversions Hinduism From To


Often it is asked ,


Pincniples of Hinduism.image.jpg.
Basics of Hinduism.


Can Hindus Covert to other Religions?


Can they return to Hinduism after  that?


Can people from other Religions to Hinduism?


Hinduism  is not an Institutionalized one, nor does it believe in numbers and conversions.


It does not have a set of Rules to become a Hindu, much less for conversions.


Hinduism as revealed in the Vedas are sets of Truths intuitively grasped by the ancient Rishis.


Those who follow them may call them as people belonging to Sanatana Dharma.


The word Hinduism was coined to denote people living near the River Indus.


This term was given by westerners and it not correct as Sanatana Dharma extended beyond Sindhu up tp anya umai and even abroad.


A Hindu, one can himself, if one follows the tenets of Vedas, Sankhya, Yoga, Vaiseshika, Mimamsa, Tantras.


Hence there is stricture against anyone who wants to cross over to other Religion.


Hinduism expresses some Truths.


Whether you follow it or not Hinduism is least bothered.


Medicines do not bother if you take them are not.


Hinduism is highly personal and Individualistic.


So there is no stricture against conversions or back to Hinduism.


Some organisations perform Punhavachana and Namakarana for those who want to become Hindus.


No mention is made of these practices in the Vedas or Smritis.


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3 responses to “Religious Conversions Hinduism From To”

  1. Faith is embeded in heart and mind. Flowers, fire, words are oral and physical presumtions. In Hinduism no one can be converted to high caste BRAHMIN, they are converted as low cast SHUDRAS AS per MANUSMRITI:

    The tongue of Shudra who spoke evil about Brahmin should be cut off (Apastamba Dharma Sutra II/10-26.
    Those who are with stinking conduct they will enter a stinking womb, either the womb of a dog or the womb of a swine or womb of Shudra (Chandogya Upanishad 5-10-7)
    Shudras must be prohibited from hearing, studying Vedas (Brahma Sutras
    More on google Why Dr.Ambedkar burnt Manusmriti.

    Due to Brahmins discrimination of Shudra Hindus converted from, 850Bc to Jainism, from 500Bc to Budhism. Budhism was born in India but stamped out of India by Brahmins. Due to this discrimination Hinduism was confined to India only. In Asia from SriLanka to Japan there are more Budhists than Hindus.


    • Kindly read the Hindu Scriptures in Sanskrit in its entirety.That Hinduism was prevalent through out the world can be known by referring my posts under Hinduism.
      I have clarified the points you mention in many posts
      On Ambedkar I have a few poss to debunk his statements, I will be starting a series on Buddhism shortly as well as on Jainism,Nyaya, Vaiseshika,Sankhya- all are part of Hindu system. , Yoga and Mimamsa.Hinduism is not mere Vedas alone.Regds


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