User Friendly Hinduism Facts

You would find Hinduism user-friendly.

Hinduism Image
Hinduism,User-friendly. Image source.

It does not want you to do or believe something if you do not wish to.

Nor does it condemn you to Hell if you do not follow it.

it suits your Nature, attitudes and Lifestyle.

Let us look at some facts of Hinduism.

1.You can be a Non Believer in God, yet a follower of Hinduism.

Denial of God is also a path to Reality, asserts Hinduism.

What is required is the eternal quest to know and realize what you are, that is Hinduism.

You are born in Hinduism, it is by attitudes not by dogma.

There are Philosophical systems which deny God, yet are a part of Sanatana Dharma, called by the West as Hinduism.

Nyaya, Vaiseshika, Sankhya do not believe in the concept of God. yet they are a part of Hindu systems of Philosophy.

2.If you believe in God, you may worship in any form you wish and are comfortable with.

To choose modern terminology, the template is all your to choose from.

Be it a male or Female,

In the Form of Mother(UMA,Parvati,Kali)

As Father Siva, Vishnu,

As Guru, The Preceptor( Dakshinamurthy) or Lord Krishna.

As friend, Lord Krishna as He was to Arjuna,

As Friend, as Siva was to Sunadaramurthy,

As a child Lord Krishna,

As a warrior, Rudra,

As a principle of Nature, Air, Water, Fire, Earth-Vayu, Varuna, Agni and Prithvi,

As a servant, Lord Shiva.

3.You can choose a Human Figure or symbol.

Linga Swaroopa(Shiva) Saligrama(Vishnu and Shiva)

As Mathematical Symbols, The Yantras,

As Plain Nature, Prakriti

4.You can choose how you want to follow,

By performing Duty(Karma Yoga),

Through Knowledge(Gnana Yoga),

Physical and mental Exercise(Raja Yoga)

Surrendering to God(Bhakti Yoga)

5.You are not born to/in Hinduism.

Hinduism holds the view every one to be a Sanadhani who is Pure and a Believer.

One is always a Hindu by disposition at Birth.

6.Hinduism does not have room for conversions and reconversion.

Hinduism does not talk about Religious conversion at all.

If you follow it for your good, if not ‘No comments’

7.Hinduism absorbs facts that are Good.

Hinduism is like a reed.

It does not stand rigid against the Tide.

It bends and stands up once the water drains.

When onslaught is made on it, it seems to bend, later it absorbs what is good or proceeds as it has been hitherto.

As it has done to the Agamas,Buddhism and Jainism

8.Hinduism does not advocate Collective worship or temple worship.

Essentially it advises on Personal worship.

But if you want to worship collective and need a place, yes you have it, The Temples.

9.Hinduism does not condemn you to Hell if you do not believe in it.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna, after explaining the Hindu Thoughts to Arjuna, says towards the end of the Gita , to follow what Arjuna Thinks as Right and what would suit him!

10.Everything, living and presumed Nonliving should be happy, that is Hinduism,

Any better package?

14 responses to “User Friendly Hinduism Facts”

  1. One more thing, Hinduism is not even a religion and nothing is stated as right or wrong! Sanathana dharma can be followed by all! it truly is for all of humanity! 🙂


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