Philosophy of Life Live interviews

ooamrica is doing a series of interviews on Roads, as a Road show to elicit responses from the people their view of Life.

Some views are really refreshing.

A lady states that the Philosophy of Life is the balance between Love , Wisdom and Power.

A very rare and good insight.

When one is imbued with power, Love and Wisdom disappear.

Another view is that he would like to do good to others, this he stated without any airs, naturally.

Down to earth comment was ‘Enjoy’-this has come from a Senior Citizen.

Yes, in the autumn of Life one realizes that Life is to be enjoyed and lived with out rancour and grudges.

Pain and pleasure, come and go,grin and bear it.

That’s all.

You may follow this road show documentary by Clicking the Link:

Chapter 24 of ooa’s 2011-2012 road-trip through the USA, a documentary movie and mixed media production on
Meeting the diverse people of Washington D.C. and visiting some of its historical monuments.
The main film / documentary project will feature interviews of the very different people I’ve met along the way, with one common question: “What’s your philosophy in life?”

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