Swiss Documents-Rajiv Gandhi -1,98,000 crore ,A/C Details.

Swiss magazine on Rajiv Gandhi Account

The issue the government has been dodging,the names of Indians in Swiss Bank, is out in the open.

* I have posted direct in my blog  the same information minus the text as the image portion of the document goes off quite often.

In case the document is not visible please visit the link.

Find below the list of those who hold accounts in Swiss Banking Corporation.

Documents of Swiss Banki Corporation.
Swiss Bank  account details

All the names we suspected all along find their  exalted position here.

Rajeev Gandhi,A.Raja,Harshad Mehta,Sharad Pawar,Karunanidhi,Suresh Kalmadi,Kalanidhi Maran,Ketan Parekh and P.Chidambaram.

Rajiv Gandhi’s name is shown as Rajeev Ratna Gandhi-probably to  provide an excuse to deny the details.

Can some body let me know who is Chirag Jayesh Mohini  is?

Also read my blogs Indian Black Money in Swiss banks and Rajiv’s Millions, where the same Bank sent me an email where it indirectly hinted that the accounts are in existence.

Wiki leaks on Swiss accounts of Indians.

Asked if names of Indians holding Swiss accounts will be revealed in the coming year, he said, “yes”. Information about such accounts “which will affect India” will be revealed in the coming year, he said.

He said since Elmer was jailed and facing legal action, he would not like to comment on the issue at the moment. “For that reason, unfortunately I cannot speak about information related to Swiss accounts in great detail…we must protect our people,” he added.

The Australian whistle-blower said governments in some countries are “sucking out” data from e-mails and internet transactions and passing on this “economic intelligence” to companies like Wal-Mart. He made some startling revelations about “hacking” and “hijacking” of data of unsuspecting people.

Assange maintained that NTRO, which he termed was India’s equivalent of National Security Agency of the US, was engaged in similar kind of surveillance under the cover of keeping track of “Islamic terror”. However, there were no known instances of NTRO sharing such information with private companies.

Assange said e-mails, transactions done through credit and debit cards as well as information sent on the internet, “go through the Pacific (Ocean) and US” and are intercepted in the name of national security and to combat terrorist threats.

“Part of this mission is to provide economic intelligence to companies like Wal-Mart, Lockheed Martin and Boeing. They (security and private agencies) suck up this intelligence and use it for economic benefits,” Assange said. He, however, maintained that he did not have any proof of the beneficiary companies paying for this kind of information.

** The Document showing the account details are found to be fakes.

On coming to know of this, I had posted an article on the status.

In the meanwhile,I was in correspondence with The Swiss Swiss Illustrie on the veracity of the claims about Rajiv Gandhi’s Swiss Account in their magazine.

Their refusal to deny outright the issue has only confirmed the position that Rajiv Gandhi did indeed have  an account,(Probable it has a nominee and might be in force now), as has been brought out in my Post ..

I blogged it ( read the link under related posts).

The magazine sent me a communication saying that I might have it wrong.

Yet the same magazine in its reply to Swamy’s query has studiously avoided confirming/denying the Story( as it has done to my piece),yet asks for Subscription!”

Rajiv’s 2.5 Billions Swiss Magazine Confirms

Also read my Blog on Swiss Bank Corporation.

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