Brahmastra Design Detail Has Mercury Fire Cosmic Poison

Astra, the ones that carry weapons of Mass Destruction on the one hand and another devastating the enemy and his land with specific calamity Like Fire, Rain, Storms and psychological variety like Mohanastra which renders people unconscious, and Sammohanatsra which leaves one confused.

Mahabharata Weapons User Manual Found Kerala

Rules of War, Battle Formations, Weapons of Mass Destruction, List of Astras, Brahmastra Invocation Mantra. Now a manuscript containing the Mantra for the weapons used in the Mahabharata War has been found in Kerala.

BrahmaSirōnāmāstra Counter To Brahmastra, The Nuclear Weapon

Weapons are of two kinds. One is called Sastra ,another Astra. While Sastras denote conventional weapons like Bow and Arrow,Mace(Gatha)`,Swords of different type..., Astra denote weapons that are energized by Mantras. Some of these Astras do not  any supportive conventional weapon like Bow and Arrow. Mere uttering of the words will do. Another type is … Continue reading BrahmaSirōnāmāstra Counter To Brahmastra, The Nuclear Weapon

Government, LTTE Used Chemical Weapons Document

  I am producing the report as I downloaded   No spell check has been done as I want the Document to remain as it is found.   The link for this downloads, therefore, there is no source quote. Information on LTTE Chemical Weapons Attainment and Use.       Fears of rebel trap as … Continue reading Government, LTTE Used Chemical Weapons Document

Advanced Atomic Theory,Weapons In Hinduism

Advanced Modern concepts in Hinduism includes the Atomic Theory in the Nyaya System of Indian Philosophy,Hinduism. These treatises postulates Boson, The God Particle and goes beyond this. Hindus wer aware of the Atomic structure of things, events(yes, events for Hindus state that things non material do have atomic structure. They knew how to prepare Atomic weapons, Counter Atomic weapons. So adept were they in understanding the nature of Atoms , they were able to distinguish between the Atoms making up one thing and another. Atoms are indivisible matter of Matter.(Anu) This has another finer particle that drives it or the cause for the Atoms to behave the way they do. They are called the Paramanu. These terms are used extensively in the Vedas while describing the Reality describing It. The Atoms comprising of one matter, say a man, my be re regrouped to form another Matter, Bigger or Smaller. This is explained in the Siddhis or the powers acuired by a Yogi en route to Realization. They are named as Anima and Mahima( Smaller and Bigger)