Shiva Samharam is Triglav Smaram God Of Slavs Russia

Then worlds, confused, would be interchanged, and that meant the offensive end of the world. Therefore Triglav smarm many priests who saw to it that his statue has always been firmly closed with a cloth and the will of God they set out for yourself. Used for predictions and black horses Triglav" 'smaram' a corrupted form of Samharam, destruction by Shiva?

Reality Orders Trimurthis Are Not Brahman Matsya Purana

Normally one does not find Brahman given more importance in the Puranas as each Purana extolls the virtues of the God on whose name the Purana is named. Matsya Purana, Purana meant to extol the Virtues of Vishnu speaks of Brahman ordering and assigning jobs to the Trimurti. What is interesting is that this chapter (Chapter 6) does not state that a particular God, Shiva, Vishnu as the embodiment of Brahman. Instructions by Brahman.

One Legged Shiva Temple

Lord Shiva appears as one-legged in a Temple. Shiva is worshiped as Ekapada Shiva. In one form he has one leg with the two of the other Trinity, Brahma and Vishnu forming a part of Him. There are three aspects of this Form. This form is also one of Bhairava as well.

Where Seven Preceptors, 7Gurus,Brahma Vishnu Are Present

This is the only Temple where The Trinity of Hinduism ,Brahma Vishnu ans Siva are worshiped in the same premises, each with a separate Temple in the precincts. Here you have all the Seven Gurus, Jupiter.Sarasvati is seen with Brahma. Saturn, Sani will never spare any one, including the Trinity. Even Lord Siva was caught,he was made to be beg and Lord Vishnu had to hide in the stem of a Lotus! The exceptions are Anajaneya and Ganapathi. In this temple, Lord Sani is found before Ganapathi and Anjaneya(Hanuman). Legend has it that those who worship Sani will be relieved of their sufferings.