How Tamil Kings Are Named Identified Epigraphs Inscriptions

In the case of Epigraphs and Inscriptions  , method is followed by the Kings is to record their names and also identify their Dynasty by their Titles, like Parakesari,Valavan,Sembiyan... in the case of Cholas; மாறவர்மன்(Maravarman), சடய வர்மன்(Satayavarman) got Pandyas; வானவரம்பன்(Vaana varambhan) ,இமய வரம்பன்( Imayavaramban) in the case of Chera.

Sudoku Concept With Sadakshara Six In Palani Temple Inscription

It is interesting to note that Lord Dhandayudhapani is placed before this Pillar every year during Panguni Uthiram Festival.

And the total of the numbers in any direction is Six.

The Sadakshara,the number of Subrahmanya,Sa Ra Va Na Bha Va.