Sri Rudra Shiva Trisati Sanskrit Kannada Tamil Text

There are Eight forms of Shiva Sahasranama, One Dasa Sahasranama(10,000 names),and a Rudra Trisati. There seems to be no Trisati for Shiva. The Rudra Trisati is from the Rudram. It is a different form of Sri Rudra recital.

Brahman Upasna in Sri Rudram

One is by Knowing ( mind) and another is by Experiencing. Knowing belongs to mind while experiencing is of the realm of the Heart (heart) Realising Brahman through Experience is through the Bhakti Yoga, Path of Devotion. This calls for total surrender to God. But human mind being what it is , is never satisfied with following something without knowing it to be true. This, knowing well that knowledge

Rudram Prokshana Mantra By Kutsa Indras Look Alike

Kutsa who traces his ancestry to Angirasa is mentioned in all the four Vedas, a rare honour. He authored Sukthas in The Rig Veda but refers it to hos ancestor Angirasa as a mark of respect by callimg it Kutsa Angirasa. As an aside it may be mentioned that the Great Acharayas never a

சமகம் 2 அர்த்தம் பொழிப்புரை

ஜைஷ்ட்யம் -மேன்மையும் , ஆதிபத்யம்-தலைமைத் திறனும், மன்யு :உட்பகைகளுடன் கோபமும் , பாம:-வெளிப்பகைகளிடம் கோபமும் , அம"ஆழமான மனமும் , அம்ப;குளிர்ந்த நீரும் , ஜேமா-வெற்றி கொள்ளும் திறனும் , மஹிமா-வெற்றியால் வெற்றியால் விளையும் பெருமையும் , வரிமா-அதனால் விளையும் மனத் திருப்தியும் ,