Which Smriti To Be Followed For Present Age, Not Manu

For the Krita are suited the laws of Manu ; for the Treta, those by Gautama (are) prescribed ; for the Dvapara those by Shank and Likhita ; for the Kali, those by Parasara are prescribed. '

Eleven Vedic Brahmin Law Makers Of Gotra Smritis

Relevant portions of the Vedic Duties which would suit the individual's disposition and also a group with the same disposition were organised and presented as Smritis. There are quite a few number of Smritis to be followed . Though all the Smritis state from the Vedas, and each one of them is an authority for all the Varnas, it is traditional for some groups to follow a specific Smriti...Kashtriyas, Vaisyas and Sudras are to follow Manu Smriti. Though Brahmins are expected to follow Manu Smriti, it is traditional to follow eleven Smritis, including Manu Smriti.

Morality For the Society First By Sanatana Dharma To World

'Even though I am Hindu and yeah I don’t believe in idol worshipping but sometimes I doubt what was the first society or first rules made on earth whether it’s Hinduism or other Relevant religion.. Please can u light on some confusion' It requires a Hinduism to allow you to say that you do not follow some of its tenets and yet say I am a Hindu! Sanatana dharma does not call it as heresy. It calls it as enquiry which it feels it ought to clarify and clear.

Compilers Composers Rig Veda Six Major Families

The Vedas were intutively grasped in the for of Sounds by the Seers,Rishis. They can not be really called composers, they have complied what they have intutively learnt. The major families that composed these hymns are the Bharadvajas, Visvamitras, Vasisthas, Vamadevas, Grtsamadas and Atris. Each of these is attributed a Mandala (or Book) in the Rig Veda. These Mandalas are thus referred to as the Kula Mandalas (Family Books).