Lakshmi The Yogic Goddess Saubhagyalakshmi Upanishad Text

Lord Vishnu with Sri Lakshmi

She was called’Sri’.

She is mentioned in the Rig Veda,the oldest literature of the world.

This is the Saubhagyalakshmi Upanishad.

Though we have the Sri Suktham,Saubhagyalakshmi Upanishad directly imparts Yoga.

Attahasa Loud Laughter Shiva

The apocalyptic laughter of Shiva is referred as Attahasa.

Some scholars are of the view that this a future manifestation of Shiva.

Shiva took the form of Attahasa in a mountain in the Himalayan Range.The sons of Shiva will also reside in the Attahasa mountain range in the 20th yuga.-Vayu Purana.

Shakti Peeta Head In Pakistan Bibi Nani Dadhichi Mantra

  Despite the politicians having divided India, none can severe the Religious bond between India and Pakistan.   One of the 52 Shakti Peetas is in  Hinglaj, Balochistan province about 250 km north of Karachi.     The Teertha.   An important stop during the pilgrimage is the mud volcano called ‘Chandrakup’ (Bengali:…… Continue reading Shakti Peeta Head In Pakistan Bibi Nani Dadhichi Mantra

Hanuman Collected Lotus Fullara Attahasa Shakti Peeta

According to mythology, when Mahadeva (Lord Shiva) danced around with Sati’s dead body cutting it to pieces, the lip fell at Fullara or Phullara.

There is a big pond beside the temple.

According to hearsay, Hanuman collected 108 blue lotuses from the pond when Sri Ramachandra required them for the worship of Goddess Durga.

How to reach.

Labhpur is about 12 km from Ahmedpur on the Ahmedpur Katwa Railway.

Devi’s Sin Absolved ,Throat Mahamaya, Amarnath Shakti Peeta

Devi’s Throat/Neck fell here near Pahalgam,Jammu Kashmir,India.

I have completed posting articles on the Ashtadasa(18) Peetas of Shakti as descrbed by Adi Shankaracharya.

I am planning, DV, on the 52/101 Shakti Peetas as well.