Intellectual Bhakti Kalidasa’s Genius Vagarthaviva

One is Bhakthi tinged with Reason and Intellectual approach.

Another is total emotional immersion in the Love of God.

And example of an intellectual bhakti may be discerned in Kalidas’s first sloka of Raghuvamsa , which set about describing the Dynasty of Lord Rama.

Curiously the work that is about to talk about Lord Hari,Vishnu , begins with a Sloka on Lord Shiva and Parvathi.

This is the sloka.

The genius of Kalidasa lies in that this poem is open for Twenty Five meanings!

Human Migration World History India

The place from where they moved from, how did they arrive thee at the first place?

European History says that Asia served as a sort of reservoir for Humans to migrate from.

How did they come t be there at all?

European history says, in migration, people came in waves from Asian, through the Urals and Russia, through the landmass of mideast .

The group that came through Russia settled down and mingled with people over there.

The other group .

Which History Is Correct Sanskrit Or Tamil

If the oldest literature of Sanskrit were to mention Tamil , Tamil must ant-date Sanskrit.

Curiously enough, as I said earlier there is no mention of Tamil Kings or Literature in detail.

My question is that which History is Correct?

By Tamil’s admission and quotes of Vedic Life, Sanskrit and Vedas must have preceded the Tamils.

Yet Sanskrit quotes Tamil/Tamils?

Which history is correct?

Are both of them correct/