Twenty four Rishis Meters Devatâs of Gayatri Mantra Details.

People of three dispositions ,Brahmana, Kshatriya and Vaisya are enjoined to Chant it as a part of Sandhya Vandhana , thrice a day. Sandhya Vandhana has the following components, apart from routine rituals like Aachamana and Pranayama. They are,

How To Wear Upaveeda Poonal Jaanu Pracheena Veedhi Niveedha

The age of, Eight for Brahmins, Twelve for Kshatriya, Sixteen for Vaisya.

Human Actions Affect Sun,Moon Study Affirms Hindu Text Sandhya Vandana

When cycles of seemingly the same length are found on both the Sun and the Earth, the solar waves crest after the Earthly ones." Putting that into a perspective of cause and effect, the conclusion would be that Earthly phenomena is the cause of the solar cycles.