Sky Maps Star Position During Rig Veda Rama Krishna Birth

This is the earliest reference to Vedic calendar with year beginning at Winter Solstice, found in Rigveda (5-77-1/2; 1-46-14; 7-69-3/2). Heliacal rising of Ashwini Nakshatra (Aries) can be seen to occur on 5th January, 7000 BC, marking the year beginning (Fig. 1)...The Sky of 19th December, 6000 BC at sunrise on the Winter Solstice day shows that Ashvini gave way to bright star Chitra (α Vir) on opposite side (Western horizon). A full Moon in Chitra Nakshatra provided a new time marker in the sky and heralded the lunar month naming system-Chaitra, Vaisakha etc. (Rigveda: 5-74-1,2 and Tait Samh. 7-4-8).

Rama Date One Million Years Ago Gomphotheriidae Elephant Proof

So Lord Rama can be dated around One Million years ago, considering this evidence and the dates of Dwaraka(Dated 32 000 years ago), the earliest dwelling Tamil Site in Chennai which is a Million Years old.( and Tamil quotes Ramayana)

Birth Date of Lord Rama,Route taken by him to Sri Lanka-Map.

Philosophy and Hinduism are so intermingled with a Man's life in India that it becomes difficult to separate Philosophy, Myths ,Legends,History and work of fiction. How ever the evidence provided in the Ithihasas (meaning 'it happened thus') can not be wished away. Normal to procedure to validate the authenticity of the work is to check … Continue reading Birth Date of Lord Rama,Route taken by him to Sri Lanka-Map.