Immoral Unethical Behaviour Hindu Texts Explanation

I have received  comment which highlights the seeming contradictions/immoral and unethical behaviour in the Hindu Puranas and Ithihasas.
Let me answer the general explanation and shall offer my views under each query in detail.
1. Hindu Puranas and Ithihasas are facts.
As such there is no need to window dress events and characters.The facts are presented as they were.
Though there ideals in olace for people to follow not all followed them.
2.According to indian texts the Yuga Dharma, v

Virginity After Marriage Mahabharata’s View Part 1.

One find instances if illegitimate relationships between men and women, a girl conceiving before marriage and being restored Virginity in Hindu Epics.

You may also note that Jesus was born of an unwed Mother and Mary was declared to be a Virgin.

This does not seem to be morally correct, at least in the Indian context because Hindu values assert Virginity and strict Marriage Laws.

Famous instances that come to one’s mind are the birth of Karna, who was born of Kunti when she was a virgin of Aditya/Surya and Mathsyakanni/Sathyavati, mother of Vyasa.

In both instances Kunti andSathyavati were restored of their virginity and went on to produce more children;in the case of Kunti through the Devas to beget Yudhistir,Bhima,Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva; Sathyavati begot Bhishma, Chitraveerya and Vichtraveerya.

I have found the explanations of those who explain these away by simply brushing aside this by stating that these were granted by the Rishis and Gods and that’s it.

I am prepared to accept this as Hinduism, unlike other Religions encourages detailed discussion , debate and gives its final decision as Dharma.

Considering this, I was sure that the Mahabharata would have an explanation for this seemingly illegitimate behavior.

Krishnadwaypayana, who was later to become Vyasa, was born of Sathyavati, later called Mathsyakanni/Parimalagandhi and Sage Parasara, the Grand son of Sage Vasishta,son of Sakti, who gave his backbone to Indra to prepare The Vajrayudha.

Vyasa was born to Sathyavati, who was being brought up by a Fisherman.

When she was rowing a boat across the River Ganga , Sage Parasara saw her , Vyasa was the result and Sathyavati was restored her virginity.

It is said that child is stays in the womb of the mother for a stipulated period for Beings on Earth and for the Devas, Demi-gods, children are born immediately.

Thus was born Vyasa.