Narada Mountain In Russia Urals Narodnaya

The Russians knew about these settlements for about 20 years. This information was revealed by historian Bettany Hughes on the BBC program “Tracking the Aryans”. And there is a Mountain named after the Hindu Sage, Narada.

How To Wear Vaishnava Mark Vasudeva Upanishad

Vasudeva Upanishad from the Sama Veda is unique in that it explains the meaning of Vaishnavism caste mark and details as to how to wear it. Please read my post on Vibuthi and Thiruman.

Krishna Had 16000 Wives How Why

It is often held against Hinduism in general and Lord Krishna in particular that He had 16 000 wives. People whom I had met often had no idea about this and stated Lord Krishna had 16000 wives and he spent time with them merrily, without being aware of the Facts. Yes,Lord Krishna had 16 000 wives. Some Purans say 16,100. He rescued these women from Narakasura, who was his son through Bhu Devi in His earlier Avatar as Varaha. It is worthy of note that Lord Krishna had 'divided Himself into 16000/100 and been with them. This is an indication that it was not actually physical but Mystical and spiritual. Another point is that Lord Krishna did not any Children through these Junior wives. It is a part of ancient warfare to confiscate,the cattle before invasion and capture the women of the enemy after the war.