Shiva Thiruvannamalai At The Instant Of Earth’s Creation By Brahma

Earth seen from Apollo Spacecrsft

Now Thiruvannamalai,Tamil Nadu, India is 3.5 Billion years old!

In Puranic version of Brahma’s creation, the first creation for this kalpa was around 4.32 Billion Years.

In such great stretches of Time 5 to 10 billion years is allowed in calculation.

Hence it is probable Shiva was at Thiruvannamalai when Brahma created the world around 4.32 Billion Years ago!

Mohenjo-Daro Destroyed by Indra Archaeology Hinduism

In Naimithika Pralaya, that is at the end of the Day of Brahma’ the world is consumed by ferocious fire, people in Boo, Bhuva, Suvah Loka are

destroyed and the people living in Mahar Loka move over to Jana Loka.

Then these three worlds are inundated with water.

Now archaeologists have found in Mohenja0- Daro have found ,

” the one anomaly among several at the site that has caused some researchers to suggest that there might have been forces unleashed in the past that are comparable to modern weapons. Walls, pottery and other items found in the city have been turned into a kind of ceramic glass, indicating that they were exposed to heat close to 1500 degrees Celsius. Evidence of ionizing radiation has also been found in some of the burial sites.

The oldest myths of the Hindu religion, itself one of the oldest religions in the world, speak of gods flying in vehicles composed of dazzling light and intricately carved platforms calledvimanas, that waged war with one another using energy beams of incredible power. In the Hindu religious text known as the Mahabharata, there is a description of one such vehicle:

Time Recoils Earth Is 4.32 Billion Years Hindusim

A Kalpa is 12 hours of Brahma. 2 kalpas make a day and a night of Brahma.

He lives for 100 years on this time scale.

How many Mahayugas or Chaturyugas( Four) are there in a Kalpa?

There are 1000 or 1008, Mahayugas in a Kalpa Mahayugas in a Kalpa.

84 Chaturyugas is an hour of Brahma.

There are 14 Manvantaras in a Kalpa.

Check my post on this.( Link provided at the end of this post)

A Manu or an Indra lives for 1 Manvantara.

A Manvanatara is a 100 years of Indra.