Ghost Temple Issues Warrants Mangalore Aircrash Kaanathur

“The temple is called Nalwaru, which litreally means 4 persons. However, the four persons at the temple are ‘gods of ghosts’! The four deities are Ugramurthy, Panjurli, Raktha-Chamundi & Vishnumurthy. This temple is very sacred, and people fear the deities of the temple. The temple is filled with a lot of tantric powers, very typical to any Keralite temple. The main purpose of this temple is that it servers as a people’s court. Most of the disputes are settled in the temple courtyard, this has been the practice for many decades now. A plaintiff with truth on his side can give a petition to the temple authorities. And defendant will receive a memo (similar to a court’s order) from the temple

Consumers Help Line Akosha A Fraud?

Update 18/05.2015. I had a call from a lady from Akosha , about one/two months back informing me that the management of Akosha has changed and that the present management is sorting out the issues and whether I could do anything about my post. I replied that I have no grudge against anyone .that I…… Continue reading Consumers Help Line Akosha A Fraud?

Baby Care Mother Care Online

How does one pay?

One can pay through Credit, Debit Cards,Online Credit,Gift Cards, Internet Banking or Pay Cash On Delivery.

Products are shipped through Popular Couriers .

There are exceptions .

If it is an Incorrect product, replacement is effected.

The order can also be Canceled .

Top Brands are available.

Find Area Cuisine Specific Food

My children often find a Restaurant after we finalize to eat out.

Then arguments ensue in choosing the Type of Food,Area,and the deals offered by them.

My habit has been to know by word of mouth the best restaurant by taste, and check which one is nearby.

That’s all.

Now a lot of deliberation goes on this issue and most of the time, the Lunch or Dinner time is past.

They check the web or some application to locate a Restaurant.

They also use Google Maps.

On Google Maps, Me and my Daughter, though she is Computer savvy in all things. resort to finding the address or location by the best Media Known to Man,

Asking people around in every corner.

To locate a Hotel or a Restaurant of your choice one has many options, check for general terms in Google, Type of Cuisine, or Area.

I chanced upon a site which lists City wise, Cuisine wise.Area specific listing .

It also contains information on the Deals being offered Restaurant specific.

Seems to be an easy method of locating a restaurant.

Elder Abuse By Children Facebook Discussion.

It produces the opposite reaction.

You have run the family for nearly 30 t0 40 years and you have taught , or you thought you had taught your children to face Life,.

Why not leave them be?

What could they do?

They might make mistakes. like you and I have mad when we were young, or for that matter even now.

Why not admit that the younger generation may be( in Fact) is more intelligent in handling Life than we did?

Let them run the family the way they want.

If you have brought them up well and proper they would have the basic Morals alright.

That would do.

Not the silly expectation of them coming to you and submitting their account and informing y