Shiva Linga In Mecca, OM Is 786?

Bharatvarsha , as explained in the Purans included the areas now we call as Australia,Egypt, Europe apart from Africa,present Confederation of Russia. Please read my posts on this subject under Hinduism. When compared to Hinduism, Christianity And Islam are of recent origin. It is a known fact that Muslims plundered the kingdoms they have conquered…… Continue reading Shiva Linga In Mecca, OM Is 786?

Virginity After Marriage Mahabharata’s View Part 1.

One find instances if illegitimate relationships between men and women, a girl conceiving before marriage and being restored Virginity in Hindu Epics.

You may also note that Jesus was born of an unwed Mother and Mary was declared to be a Virgin.

This does not seem to be morally correct, at least in the Indian context because Hindu values assert Virginity and strict Marriage Laws.

Famous instances that come to one’s mind are the birth of Karna, who was born of Kunti when she was a virgin of Aditya/Surya and Mathsyakanni/Sathyavati, mother of Vyasa.

In both instances Kunti andSathyavati were restored of their virginity and went on to produce more children;in the case of Kunti through the Devas to beget Yudhistir,Bhima,Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva; Sathyavati begot Bhishma, Chitraveerya and Vichtraveerya.

I have found the explanations of those who explain these away by simply brushing aside this by stating that these were granted by the Rishis and Gods and that’s it.

I am prepared to accept this as Hinduism, unlike other Religions encourages detailed discussion , debate and gives its final decision as Dharma.

Considering this, I was sure that the Mahabharata would have an explanation for this seemingly illegitimate behavior.

Krishnadwaypayana, who was later to become Vyasa, was born of Sathyavati, later called Mathsyakanni/Parimalagandhi and Sage Parasara, the Grand son of Sage Vasishta,son of Sakti, who gave his backbone to Indra to prepare The Vajrayudha.

Vyasa was born to Sathyavati, who was being brought up by a Fisherman.

When she was rowing a boat across the River Ganga , Sage Parasara saw her , Vyasa was the result and Sathyavati was restored her virginity.

It is said that child is stays in the womb of the mother for a stipulated period for Beings on Earth and for the Devas, Demi-gods, children are born immediately.

Thus was born Vyasa.

Clash Of The Titans Fights Parasurama Bhisma

Bhishma, in his effort to get his step brothers married, was caught in a situation where he had to marry Amba, daughter of the King of Kasi for he attended the Swayamvara and Amba chose him: Bhisma refused to marry Amba explaining to her of his vow and the fact that he attended the Swayamvara only to choose a Bride for his step brother,Amba did not agree.

Parasurama, who is an Avatar of Vishnu, vowed to root out the Kshatriyas by engaging them in war and he vowed that he would never teach the Dhanur Vidya to Kshatriyas.

This is because his father Jamadagni was killed by Karthaveeryujana .

Be that as it may be, to go on..

Bhishma was an exception, he was taught the Dhanur Vidya by parasurama Himself( I do not have a satisfactory explanation for this, excepting my guess that Bhishma was taught by Parasurama before Parasurama took his vow;even this is faulty for in Ramayana, Lord Rama was challenged by Parasurama to fight him because his vow him, mind you Ramayana took place in Treta Yuga while Mahabharata took place on The Dwapara Yuga)

Now in this instance Parasurama, urged by Amaba fought furiously with Bhishma.

Bhishma remained undefeated.

Parasurama had to leave the field because Narada and Ganga stood in the middle of the furious battle.

Prior to the battle, Bhisma tells Parasurama,

‘You are my Guru.

You know my Pratigya, Vow,

Yet you are forcing me to marry Amba , leaving me no choice to fight you.

Let me tell you, I am your disciple and I revere you, and My strength is reinforced by my Guru Bhaktii.

may be you have won the other Kshatriyas earlier,

This Bhisma was not born then”

‘Na Bhayannapynukro saaanthartha…..Rama na samyaihi( Mahabharata, Udyoga Parva-17)

I shall post some more least known stories from the Hindu Epics and Puranas.

*Amba after her suicide; was reborn as Sikandi ; as Bhishma knew that she was a woman in earlier birth he vowed not to bear arms against Sikandi.

Krishna used Sikandi as a shield and had Arjuna kill Bhishma!

Utkala,Oriya,Odisha Brahmin Surnames.

The difference between theOIdisha Bengali Brahmins is very thin.

However, Odisha Brahmins have a distinct identity and Rituals.

But the original Character of the Brahmins throughout the World remains the same.

he Utkala Kingdom was located in the eastern portion of the modern-day Indian state of Orissa. This kingdom was mentioned in the epic Mahabharata, with the names Utkala , Utpala , Odra Desha, Oddyana and Okkali. The name of Utkal is mentioned in the Puranas, Epics and different religious text book. According to Skanda Purana, the land of Utkala is the holy land in Bharata Varsha where Purusottama Kshetra is situated. It is mentioned in India’s national anthem, Jana Gana Mana. The Utkala Kingdom was also known as Kalinga, Kangoda, Odra Desha, Odra Vishaya, Oddiyana, Mahakantara, Attabhika, Matsa Desa, Dakhina Koshala, Dandabhukti, Odabadi, Yajanagar, Uddisa Subah etc. in different time period of. The boundary of Utkala region was from mouth of river Ganges in the north to river Godavari in the south and Amarkantak hills in the west to Bay of Bengal in the east. Suryavanshi emperor of Orissa Gajapti Kapilendra Dev renamed his kingdom from Utkala to Orissa Rastra.

Utkala Brahmins, branch of Pancha-Gauda Brahmins are the farthest branch of the Panch-Gauda in the east, south of Maithils. Panch-Gauda and Panch-Dravida are two chief divisions of Brahmins, as per the śloka from Rājatarangini of Kalhaṇa / Kalhana:

कर्णाटकाश्च तैलङ्गा द्राविडा महाराष्ट्रकाः ।
गुर्जराश्चेति पञ्चैव द्राविडा विन्ध्यदक्षिणे ॥
सारस्वताः कान्यकुब्जा गौडा उत्कलमैथिलाः ।
पञ्चगौडा इति ख्याता विन्ध्स्योत्तरवासिनः ॥

Why Ganges Is Sacred Shiva Keeps Her On His Head

He was advised that he could not perform this as his ancestors, sons of Sagara were cursed by Sage Kapila(Founder of Nyaya System of Indian Philosophy considered an Incarnation of Lord Vishnu) and were turned into ashes.

They could be absolved of their sins and their State if Bhagiratha could somehow get the River Ganges down to Earth from the Heavens.

Ganges is believed to be at the feet of Lord Vishnu and the auspicious time if dribbles out of Vishnu’s feet is called Vishnupathi, equivalent to Pradosha of Lord Siva(read my post on Vishnupathi Punya Kaala).

On the advice of his Preceptors, Bhagiratha, started a Penance for Lord Siva.

His Penance was so powerful that Indra, fearing for his Kingdom disturbed it quite a few times,

For more on this please refer Vishnu Purana