Devi Bhagavathy Temples in Kerala List

Devi, also called Bhagavathy,worship is more prevalent in Kerala.

Devi is also worshiped as The Deity of towns/villages.
ne of the popular Temples of Devi in Kerala is The Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple, near Cochin.

One of the unique featur of the Temple is that the Durga Suktha Homa is conducted daily to ward off Possession by spirits.

Seven Concentric Worlds Beneath Earth Hinduism

These lower planetary systems are the same size as the earth planet, begin 560,000 miles below earth.

Sunshine does not reach these planets and light comes from jewels on the hoods of serpents.

These planets are populated by persons of great power and opulence with no Dharma.

They have become thus because of severe penance ,Tamasic.

They do not Age nor are they afflicted by Disease..

These places are called he “bila-svarga”, or subterranean heavenly planets.

For Success In Any Endeavor Mantra Shankaracharya

If this is not forth coming, one may pray Lord Subramanya at Swamimalai and start the Mantra.

Or Hayagriva at Thiruvahhendrapuram

One faces challenges in Life and one gets over them too.

At times, one gets disheartened and losses initiative.

Nothing seems to work, despite your sincere effort.

Reason is that for any action to bear fruit, there are others factors,which are beyond our control, which have to contribute.

This is possible only if He Desires we should have the result, His Kadaaksha must be behind us.

Be it getting a job, getting married, good education, removal of poverty,good spouse,,good children Health without disease,getting children

married,for Grand children, economic prosperity, ageing without problems .

Adi Shankaracharya in his Soundarya Lahari has hidden the Bheeja mantras of the Devi in the 51 slokas composed by him (out of 57, the rest being

given to him by Lord Ganesha).

The following Mantra shall ensure that you shall succeed in any endeavor you undertake.

How To Write Chintamani Bheeja Yantra on The Tongue

He immediately started the Shymala Dandakam,

Manikyaveenam upalaalayantheem,Mthalasaam Majula Vaakvilaasaam’

In Devi Upasna family traditions there is this practice of writing the Bheeja Yantra of Devi.

Half an hour after the birth of the Child, the Yantra has to be written with a blunt Golden needle, dipped in Cow’s Ghee mixed with Honey in unequal

proportions(make sure that the mixture is uneven as equal quantity is reported to be fatal),uttering the following Mantra in the Child’s right Ear in a

sweet tone, not very loud.

The Mantra.

Devi Upasana Authoritative Texts To Follow

Adi Shankaracharya had also written on this subject, apart from the Soundaryalahari,in Prapanchasaara.

In Tamil Devi Upasana is explained in the Thirumaniram of Thirmoolar and in the Abirami Andhaadi of Abhirami Bhattar.

Very recently Ramana Maharishis’s disciple Kavyakanda Ganapathy sastri has written Dasa Mahavidya.

These are the sources of the Devi Upasana and no other text has the authority on this Subject.

I am writing this, as, after posting a few articles on this subject,I have come to know that unscrupulous people posing as Gurus have misled people

,initiating them of SriVidya about which they know nothing,

quoting some text,s and have landed people into serious physical and mental problems.

I have warned of this in my post earlier.