Thirumeyachur Lalithambika Temple Contact Details

One can reach the temple from Kumbakonam, Myladuhurai.It is about half an hour from Myladuthurai and  about an hour and a half Kumbakonam. Thirukkadavur is about an hour and fifteen minutes from Thirumeyachur.You may stay in any of these towns where excellent facilities for stay are available. Thirumeyachur is a very small village and has no facilities to stay .Just wanted to add that the temple prakaram is not maintained properly and bushes are aplenty. Came to know that the temple servants are not financially well off and devotees may help the temple staff including Kurukkal and also provide Pooja Dravyas .

Why How Chottanikkara Bhagavathy Temple Cures Mental Illness.

The three devis of Hinduism, from the philosophical perspective represent three aspects of Human nature.

The desire to act,the action part impelled by the results one anticipates and the wisdom and courage to act upon a course of action.