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Rama Took Holy Dip After Killing Thadaka Ramrekha Ghat

In Buxar , Chitravan Rama killed Tadaka and to get rid of the sin of killing a woman, though she was a Demon, Lord Rama took bath in Baskar Theertha, also called Rama Rekha Ghat, on the banks of the river Ganges.

He also worshiped Lord Shiva here and Rama’s foot prints are found here.

Rama visited this place after His coronation to perform a Yagna and drew the outlines for the Yaga Shala.

Buxar Where Rama Killed Thadaka

Viswamitra took th boys along and initiated them the Two Mantras,Phala and Athiphala, the former to ward of hunger, the latter to prevent sleep and grant vigour.)please read my Post on these Mantras)

Vishwamitra and the two princes came to Tataka’s forest and the sage ordered Rama to kill the demoness to free the area from her terror. Rama was hesitant to kill her as she was a woman and initially maimed her, chopping off her hands so that she could not attack him further. Using her demonic powers, she changed form,