Mantra Cure Epilepsy Leprosy Piles Urinary Infections

This has been confirmed to me by a top Neurophysician of the world, who happens to be my close friend. Piles, all of us know there is no cure despite tall claims. TB, well, it has been controlled, eradicated, yet it occurs..! Urine infections and Kidney failure, again a supportive treatment. Leprosy? No known cure.

Mantras To Overcome Fear Mental Disturbance

I am providing some Mantras for relief from mental disturbances, including Schizophrenia,Alzheimer's,Deep depression,Melancholia, Cancer,Life threatening diseases and Possession from evil spirits. Some might why I have included possession by Evil Spirits in this category. The answer is I have seen this personally. While none could cure it, including famous psychiatrists, these Mantras have cured. I have discussed this issue with many psychiatrists and Nero Physicians. Their answer is' I do not know' Recite any of these Mantras for 45 Days, begin on the sixth day of the waxing Moon, Sukla Paksha, early in the morning, Naivedya, Sakkarai Pongal. On the day of completion feed one poor man or woman and if you can afford give them Clothes.