Shankaracharya ‘Demon’, Madhwa Text. Sringeri Acharya on Advaita

I regret that I have to write on this. When people fail to understand the interpretation of Mahavakyas, result is Bigotry. I was barred from Madhwa FB group because I shared Kapalika Stuthi.  Unless people read All the Achayas and understand Vedas, there is no point in professing Spiritually.I am by faith an Advaitin, deeply involved in Sri Vaishnavam,Andal occupied the centre spot in my Pooja room and I worship Sri. Raghavendra,

World An Illusion Objects Altered By Us Quantum Proves Hinduism 

That is the reason non living Beings are called as Achalam, that is Non moving and those with Consciousness which we normally  associate with Life by calling tthose with Life as possessing Consciousnessand non living beings as without Consciousness because we presume that they have no Life.

Advaita Ramayana Adhyaatma Ramayana Pdf

As Rama was not a fictional character,the writers felt that it would be more authentic to present Rama as the Ideal one to follow for He was Real.

There are some versions which are subtle and they convey the message of various philosophical concepts of Hinduism that are to be practiced by one to Realize the Self,Brahman.

Zero Energy Universe Theory Quantum Agrees With Vedas Hinduism

Traditional Physics has various Theories ,all of them incomplete .

Quantum Theory seems to have arrived at a Theory that validates Universality of AllTheories and the answer to the question of Constant Motion of the Universe and its dissolution.

Aided by Particle Physics,the answer t o the question as to out of what the Universe was made and what remains ,has been arrived at.

This is the Zero Energy UniverseTheory.

'The zero-energy universe hypothesis proposes that the total amount of energy in the universe is exactly zero: its amount of positive energy in the form of matter is exactly canceled out by its negative energy in the form of gravity.

Pascual Jordan first suggested that since the positive energy of a star’

Shankaracharya Misinterpret Vedas Misled, Shiva In Padma Purana?

“The Mayavada philosophy is impious. It is covered Buddhism. My dear Parvati, in the form of a brahmana in Kali-yuga I teach this imagined Mayavada philosophy. In order to cheat the atheists I mislead them by describing the Supreme Lord to be without any personal form or qualities.”