How To Convert Brahmins To Christianity Joshua Project SWOT Analysis

The concerted focussed effort by Christian Missionaries is awesome.

We have Budget allocation for Religious conversion,under some euphemism or other in The Vatican Budget.

Though Christianity claims that their Religion has no divisions and Caste,there are over six thousand denominations of Christianity and they have irreconcilable chasm between them.

One point they agree is Conversion,under the garb of spreading God’s s Word.

Each has a different approach.

133 Papal edicts were passed.

Hindus were not allowed to retain their names.

They were burnt at stakes.

They were lynched.


Goa Hindu Massacre Pope Xavier

Such of those who were forced to become Christians were treated badly by the earlier Christians.

Spreading misinformation subtly by pretending to be Scholars dedicated to the cause of Hinduism,by translating Hindu Texts,like Max Mueller did.

The catch is that they misinterpreted essential points ,thus making Hindus lose faith.

In Tamil,it was done by Bishop Caldwell.

Another method is opening educational institutions, offering scholarships and foreign opportunities.

Offer people the three WWW,wine,women and Wealth.

Distributing pamphlets in Hindu areas.

Attacking Hindu temples and Gods.

Offer moral and financial support during crisis, including death.

Yet another mode is to set up people,making them act as they are sick and miraculously curing them Live!

Rehearsal for Miracle Cure.

This process has been refined by Joshua Project.

They have identified Ethnic groups,analyse each group’s Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat.

SWOT analysis.

They identify each group,allot a Joshua Project group which is trained is specific approach,and this group targets the specific group in Sight.

Look at their analysis and approach to convert Brahmins vin Tamil Nadu And Karnataka.

Different approach for Brahmins of other states!

Main Language
Largest Religion
Hinduism (100.00%)
0.00% *
Progress Gauge

Iyers are originally from India’s southeastern state of Tamil Nadu. However many have migrated to Karnataka for various reasons, chief among them being the prospect of finding profitable employment. Most Iyer Brahman women have traded the traditional nine-yard saree for modern, convenient clothing. These women are also in the work force of southern India. This would not have been the case 50 years ago.

They were once involved with all kinds of Hindu rituals, but not today. They do, however, maintain the rites and rituals associated with the dead. Iyers are cremated according to Vedic rites soon after they die. Like other Brahmans in south India, the Iyers participate in the Avani Avittam festival. This festival is unique to Brahmans in this part of the world.

Brahmans believe that if they are faithful to do what the gods expect of them, after they pass away they can reach nirvana, that perfect state of nothingness that Hindus seek. Embracing Christ would interfere with this long-awaited spiritual goals.

See how they implement this.

Yesterday morning (Thursday, 6-8-2009) I got a phone call from some agitated senior Hindu citizens of Tiruvanmiyur. All of them were complaining about a poster put up by the Advent Christian Church at Tiruvanmiyur. The poster has been put up by ‘Christuva Brahmana Seva Samithy’, announcing that there is going to be a ‘Kathaa Kaalakshepam’ by “Poojyasri Bhagavatar Vedanaayakam Shastrikal” on 8-8-2009 (Saturday) at 5 PM at the Advent Christian Church premises.


Christians as Brahmins.

The Iyers have always taken an interest in preserving the arts and sciences. Those who go to them may find the meaning behind certain traditional dances and music to be a bridge to the gospel. There are some followers of Christ among other Brahman groups in southern India that could potentially reach out to them.

There are no known followers of Christ in this Brahman community.

Pray that believers in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu will share their Lord with the Iyer Brahmans. Pray that these Brahmans will have meaningful, life-changing encounters with Jesus Christ.’


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