Paid Fake Reviews Online Apps Products Fined

and they feel it might spur the Demand further. Like Film Stars who , by hearing nonsense being written about them, start believing in them and in the process ruin their Lives, these Entrepreneurs are lost in this Gimmickry. As one who spent nearly 40 years in Highly competitive markets,I can assure people that Gimmicks may earn for the chaps who suggest them, never for the Manufacturer. At best, the best marketing team can place the product in the shelves. Once the first demand is met the Product sells by itself, by its strength. These Reviews, especially the fake ones,, are easily identifiable and are found out and it reflects negatively on the Product and even if the product is good the credibility is affected. Sure way of committing suicide in the market. Ad Companies , Promotion companies and self styled Marketing Consultants live by Lies and the unwary are caught

Work From Home ,The Bane, Banned By Yahoo Memo

Work from Home, this Concept, introduced by the IT Industry, is a bane of Work Culture. What is wrong in working from Home? You do not get the work ambiance at Home. People want ambiance to suit their moods, be it a Mall,A Shop or a Theater, they do not mind paying a premium for this! But why are they reluctant to be at the Office for Work? The reason given by a relative of mine who works in a giant IT firm is that work from Home saves infrastructure costs,saves Desk Space,cuts down electricity etc! I do not know this really is the reason. What I do know is that when one works from Home, You are not involved in the Work You do not take care of Family either. Your work pattern, meals Rhythm, Sleeping pattern become erratic. You interfere and slow down in the running of Home which you know pretty little, excepting issuing checks. You become restless and over a period of time become depressed. This gets heightened if your Spouse has regular working hours. It is still worse f your spouse also stays Home as too much familiarity breeds contempt. As the Yahoo CEO put it, one needs to be physically present at the workplace. Has anybody thought of Home at Work where you run family from Work place, go Home only for Bed!

Some Old Interesting Web Sites.

It is interesting to see that some old web sites are alive and kicking. Lycos,HotBot,Web Crawler,Altavista There are some more. To see more visit.  

Who Owns Google ,Who Google Controls?

I have blogged on the Media ownership in India,US aware of the fact that, in a Democracy who controls information decides power equation. This morning it struck me that I never bothered to check on the ownership pattern of Google. While Googling, the information I obtained was very meager and sanitized. I did a search with Bing, with slightly better results. After going through the material, I feel that if you r to be secretiveness, you have something to hide. You try talking to some one in Google office India, you would be surprised that how people can refuse to part with any information without being offensive-even if the information you ask for is very mundane. Standard answer 'Google it'

Dropbox Hacked, Change Password

Close on the heels of LinkedIn  and Yahoo, now it is the turn of Dropbox to be hacked. Popular cloud storage service provider, Dropbox has acknowledged that the security of some of its users' accounts was compromised. The users were getting spam emails from hackers who managed to get their hands on the account details of … Continue reading Dropbox Hacked, Change Password