Rain Making Veda Mantra

One must follow this approach this when studying the Vedas. Whereas Science explains the procedure of every experiment and makes you understand the results, The Vedas gives you the result and keeps quiet about the processes. In Science you are expected to obey the Laboratory Conditions to get the desired , consistent result. In the case of the Vedas , this is replaced by faith and adherence to some procedures which one may not be able to understand. Extend the courtesy to the Vedic thoughts as you would for a Laboratory procedure, you shall get unimaginable results by applying the principles of the Vedas. I had already posted how electric Power was generated by using the two lines of the Purusha Sukta. Now I am posting information as to how to make rains, not artificial ones, but natural one.

Data Stealing Market What They Share About You

When I posted an article about NSA spying and overhearing about 540 Millions Conversations a month, at the back of my mind was the thought, if this were true, there should be people/companies making money out of this. Yes, I found this out from Pando.-Link provided at the close of this post. The people who over hear or steal our information, from land Lines, Cell phones, Internet, either by way of advertising solicitations, Tele-calling or simple phishing, they sell this information. Even giants like Google and Facebook do sell, though they do not admit it in so many words. Some companies who collect this information call themselves Data Brokers. They sell this information. The market? $150 billions.

Gravity, Film Review,For The Discerning,

Yet,Gravity does just that 'conceptualizing beyond the Human Mind and execution beyond technology, that is Human Creativity plus technology. One is overwhelmed while rating the film, rate it the best for Photography,Special Effects. Editing, Music,Script,Dialogues Acting,Direction,or the Best film of all times in this Genre. A crew aboard a Mission craft are left stranded in Space because of malfunction and the escape routes are blocked by falling man-made Satellite debris, which cuts off all communications, How the issue is resolved forms the story. As I have indicated in my earlier post before viewing the film, one does know how to react when lost in Space when you get disoriented.

21st Century Phobias Includes Mobiles

The Twenty First Century claims to be the most developed century. It seems to me that it has the ingredients becoming one on using Technology to use touch with the Reality called Life and saps your personality,reducing everything to machines and quantitative analysis. Here is List of the Twenty First Century's gift of Phobias.

3D Printer For Space Pizza

Technology leaping!   NASA has announced that it is funding research into 3D-printed food. Mechanical engineer Anjan Contractor recently received a $125,000 grant from NASA to build a prototype 3D printer with a goal of automating food creation. NASA's interest in a 3D food printer is obvious. The space agency hopes that such a system … Continue reading 3D Printer For Space Pizza