Brahmin Bashing Justified?

Yet people vilify Brahmins of practicing Untouchability.

Despite my vigorous checking, I am yet to find a Brahmin being accused of practicing Untouchability and charged under the Law!

Other Communities have been named.
Then the stock answer, is that Brahmins consider as Theettu, and wash themselves or the place where they( SC /ST) sat.

This is a matter of.personal habit, though some smritis suggest this and they are not being followed by every one,

Reservation Is Like Condoms Delhi Government

If these people have been given reservations so far, why not now?

This submission has serious implications, invalidating Reservation system.

Looks as though the Reservation Policy is like a Condom to be used whenever necessary and be thrown out once it is used.

The difference is the Reservation Policy is Eternally Usable.