Somabana, Vedic Drink made From Mushrooms Russian Academy Of Sciences

Somabana, vedic Drink made from Mushrooms.

Russian archaeologists may have solved the puzzle. In 2009, while digging at a deep burial chamber in the forests of Mongolia, a Russian-Mongolian expedition from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SB RAS) discovered embroidered woollen textiles dating back two millennia.

Who Are Kaanda Rishis Rishi Tharpanam

Tharpana is a sign of remembrance and an expression of Gratitude to the Sages who have enriched our lies by bequeathing to us the mantras.

For details of Rishis of India Timeline, please read my post.

One of the groups to be remembered are the Kaanda Rishis.

Who are the Kaanda Rishis and why are they to be remembered?

The Yajurveda is divided into seven parts; called Kaanda(Chapter)

Each chapter is ascribed to be the compilation by Rishi, Sage,.

They are called Kaanda Rishis.

Since When Were Brahmins Barred From Drinking

Contrary to popular conception Brahmins did not Drink, it is a fact that Brahmins , Sages, Rishis and Munis drank liquor.

Soma plant.
Indian troops deployed in the drastic terrains of the cold desert in Leh may look forward to get a new item in their menu, as the defense researchers find that Soma (Rumex patientia), a common plant found in high altitudes, can be used as a vegetable. According to researchers at the Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR), a division of the Defence Research and Development Organisation ( DRDO), Soma is fit to be used as a vegetable in cold desert areas where cultivation of common vegetables are not supported.
Even Lord Ram and Krishna drank

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