Rajendra Chola Donated Siva Temple Now Santhome Church Chennai

Epigraph found at Santhome Church ,Chennai

Am providing images of these Epigraphs. Shocked to see that these were indexed in 1967! The department of archaeology notes in each of the Epigraphs that it belongs to 12 AD and by Rajendra Chola and yet kept quiet. What happened to history? Shameful that our own distort history

Santhome Church Is Kapaleewsarar Temple St.Thomas Fraud.

The Church is dedicated to St,Thomas who is reported to have landed in Chennai around 300 AD and spread Syrian Christianity .

This Saint Thomas was infamous Acts of Thomas by Bardesanes, and this is the source of the legend of St. Thomas in India.

Dr. Elst studied under Jesuits at Katholieke Universiteit in Belgium, Europe’s oldest Catholic university at Leuven, has done extensive research on this

subject and says that At.Thomas is a Fraud perpetrated on the Indians by corrupt Catholic priests to spread Catholicism in India.

The original Kapaleeswarar temple in Mylapore was ransacked , demolished by The Portuguese . a Church was built and was named as San Thome

Cathedral Basilica on the Mylapore beach in Chennai.

The original structure was a Shiva Temple, that of Kapaaleswara.