Rig Veda Sandhya Vandhana Mantras English

I am providing Sandhya vandana Mantra for Rif Vedins below. 1. aachamanam – sit in a squatting position, facing east or north. The hands should be between the knees. Bend all the fingers other than the thumb and the small finger slightly so that the palm makes a hollow. Take a very small quantity of…… Continue reading Rig Veda Sandhya Vandhana Mantras English

Sama Veda Sandhyavandana Text English

I have posted Sandhyavadanam for Krishna Yajur Vedins. I have posted up to Deva Tharpanam. I shall post the remaining part shortly. Sukla Yajur and Sama Veda Mantras are hard to come by. I have collected the Sama Veda Sandhyavandana texts from Sri.P..Ramchander(almost in full) Text for Sandhyvandana fo Sama Vedins. Part-I – Argya Pradhanam…… Continue reading Sama Veda Sandhyavandana Text English

Prayaschitta Procedures Non Performance Sandhyavandan

Please check with your family priest for clarification.

I have been able to find Prayaschitta for most of the Sins.

I have not been able to find any for neglecting Sandhyavandana.

I think the Sandhyavandana was performed so regularly then, people never imagined that people would miss it.

However, the Prayaschitta Argya in the Sandhyavandana should do as atonement.

No Sandhyavandan Procedure In The Vedas ?

I replied that, to the best o my knowledge that the procedure for Sraddha is laid down in the Smritis and that I do not ind a reference to it in the Veda.

While making this comment I made a remark that I was not sure whether Sandyavandana procedure was mentioned in the Vedas.

I received a feedback that Vedas and Upanishad do mention Sandhyavandana.

I have been able to locate the reference, which I reproduce……

Even this does not constitute a procedure for performing Sandhyavandana.

I am yet to check the Aranyakas.

References to worship of the Sun is mentioned, no procedures to be followed are set.

Inputs clarifications welcome

Sandya Vandan, Sandya Vandanam Text,Postures,Procedure I

Perform Acahamanam:   Take minute quantities of water(just sufficient to soak one grain of black gram) three times in the right hand and take it with the following manthra. 1.Om Achyuthaya nama 2,Om Ananthaya nama 3.Om Govindaya nama Then Touch with thumb both cheeks saying kesava -Narayana Touch with ring finger both eyes saying Madhava…… Continue reading Sandya Vandan, Sandya Vandanam Text,Postures,Procedure I