Muhammad In Vedas Non Sense Proof Vedic Text

And this was picked up by Islamic sites and Secular Indians who try to to justify everything that insults Sanatan Dharma went overdrive and have posted information on the web, justifying Zakir Naik.

Kaaba Siva Temple Sri Sri Ravishankar Zakir Naik My Rebuttal Series

But what it does is to subtly inform the readers that the whole issue of Kaaba,Shiva temple is a figment of imagination by 'Nationalists' and that it has no basis. But it does it in such a way it can always deny it did not mean it! Without going in to the evidence, it sweeps them aside and takes the statement of Zakir Naik, the psudeo Hindu Scriptures Authority and an Islamic Preacher that Muhammad was mentioned in Vedas. Not only that, it draws Sri Sri Ravishankar of The Art of Living into the controversy by saying that he had written a book on Kaaba being A Shiva Temple without any evidence and that he had admitted it in a Television Debate with Zakir Naik.