Pranayama Inhaling Exhaling Time Taken Authentic Ratio Thirumoolar

I have provided the Essence big the poem . Inhaling or drawing of Breath is called Purakam, Retention by closing both Nostrils is Kumbakam and Exhaling is Rechakam.)

Thirumoolar Pranayama Ratio Explanation

Matra is the time for taken for one involuntary wink.Tamil language is designed on Matra. Each letter of Tamil is assigned the time, Matra. For Instance A,அ  is one Matra, Kuril,குறில்.)  Aa ஆ  has two Matras.The pronounciation of Siva Siva is assigned Four Matras.  So for Puraka one has to chant mentally Siva Siva four times: Kumbhaka Siva Siva sixteen times